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Daryl Holley Jamming


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About Daryl Holley


Embrace Your Passion

I grew up in Compton, CA. Music was always something I was passionate about.

It kept me out of gangs and trouble.

I got married and we have three sons, all

of who also have a passion for music.

I put off my dreams to work and support

my family for many years. January 16, 2018, I was blessed by a stroke. It stopped everything: the job,

playing the guitar, driving, & walking.

With more time than anything, I

could now see how valuable it was.

And how much I was wasting it before

the stroke. I started using my time

wisely, studying God's word, studying

ways to improve my health, doing

research online and studying the business side of the music Industry.

And now, less than a year later, I have

written, arranged, & copyrights

of more than 50 songs, a new album

release and many new singles.

The lesson I learned from all of this is:




A life of love is a life of peace, joy, & Happiness. I write my lyrics and 

produce my songs in my home studio. I love collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different genres of music. jazz YouTube music mp3 music downloads.


Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don't give a second glance.